Monday, February 7, 2011


As the famous saying for the gita goes Karam kar phal ki icha mat kar. You should do the work and never think about the result which you will be getting out of it. As if you start speculating the result, you might miss out of minute details of carrying out the work itself. As the gita starts, and the forces are in front of each other duryodhana reassures himself and his teacher dronoacharya by comparing the two armies. He feels very confident about this thing that he has great fighters with him, and by comparing the strengths on paper his army is much better compared to the pandvas. Still he lost the battle, because its not about what quality of people you have with you, it is about what is the cause and objective for which they are with you. If the objective is collective, the team with new or less experienced people can also with the battle at the end, just because of the objective for which they are fighting.

It goes very well with the marketplace and organizations. It is not how qualified your staff is, or how much experience they have. If they are not motivated enough towards the common objective of achieving the best for the organization, they might not be of any use. A famous saying is a motivated worker at the lower ladder can help you overcome biggest challenges in the marketplace. Its not that you should not keep the ultimate objective in your mind. Gita says never be assured of the result and always strive to do your best in order to achieve it. If the effort is sincere the outcome will always be your side. The kings or the soldiers do not matter in the game of chess as in the end both go into the same box. It can be a soldier also in front of the king. The value of everyone moving in one direction needs to be understood so as to improve the probability of the organization achieving result every single time. If the sense of belongingness is there among the employees there is hardly any external force which can stop the organization for achieving any targets.

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