Monday, February 7, 2011


The feeling of why me, and why I am in this world. These are the questions which we ask ourselves when we are too frustrated or deeply into some situation. The same was happening to arjuna when he was on the battlefield facing his own blood. When we become too frustrated we start blaming lord, and his decisions of bringing us to the situation. We at the moment forget one thing that whatever situation we are in is a part of the things which the ultimate lord has thought for us. He wants us to be instruments for so many big decisions which he has taken. Our own mind or brain is the cause of our freedom and also for our bondage with something. Krishna wanted to communicate this very clearly to the arjuna that there is nothing right or wrong here in the battlefield. Do your job sincerely and with positive attitude of winning the battle, rest leave it to me. I will decide what was wrong and what was right. Each and everyone of us has to just progress and that too in the direction of our goals, which we have decided for ourselves. It is he who makes us decide the goals and then he also makes us choose the path to reach those goals, as described in Gita Krishna is also the lard of our senses. So, if he is controlling where we have to go and how we have to go, we are just mere passengers, who have to pay the price of the ticket and have to share our ups and downs of the road. He will definitely take us to the destination which he has decided, but if we refuse in between or runaway from the road, or we do not give our best in what the lord has decided for us to do, definitely the destination will not be which was decided for us. Success says this very clearly, I am achievable only through hard work and belief that I am yours. The situation which was in front of the Arjuna happens to everybody in life, when we are so disappointed that we want to leave everything and runaway from this world. At that moment those who just take that extra effort and go on with the situation they reach the top of the world and those who refuse from that point or leave there gandivs and refuse to fight, only live a mediocre or marginal life, which is of no achievement and success. The difference in success and failure is just those two extra steps where we think every thing is over. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost.

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